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Webinar: Lab-grown vs natural diamonds – what’s your preference?

Broadcast date: 26 August 2021

08h00 GMT | 08h00 London |10h00 WAST | 10h00 Johannesburg | 16h00 Perth

It is no secret that we are seeing a fall in natural diamond production – mature diamond mines are closing and there have been no new major kimberlite discoveries in recent decades.

This opens up the question: Are you drawn to natural diamonds because they are becoming increasingly rare or does the opportunity to invest in lab-grown diamonds grow increasingly more interesting?

The race is close for lab diamond vs. natural

Laboratory-grown diamonds entered the gem and jewelry market in commercial quantities about five years ago.  The cost of lab diamonds has significantly fluctuated in the past 4 years and with the current supply dynamic changes and customers’ expectations, prices have been falling at an alarming rate (30-50% cheaper than natural diamonds).

Are we consequently seeing a turning point in the industry as nearly 70% of millennials considering buying a lab grown alternative?

This reality puts natural diamond production in the spotlight. What is the potential for African diamond producers to sustain their operations or uncover new resources and effectively compete with lab-grown diamonds? And if not – what does the future hold in store for these ever increasingly precious stones?

Join Africa Mining Forum and Mining Review Africa as we unpack this topic – a constantly evolving one – in detail.

Key discussion points will include:

• Understanding the current supply chain dynamics

• Analysis of the declining cost of lab-grown diamonds

• Natural diamonds’ role and outlook in the global market, largely driven by Indian demand

• Leading African producers – dive into juniors leading the diamond sector on the continent

• Raising the ESG flag – concerns over the environmental/humanitarian repercussions of natural diamond mining processes