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Webinar 25 August: Metal management and reporting optimisation technologies drive greater operational efficiency

08h00 GMT | 10h00 SAST

Say goodbye to laborious spreadsheets, manual inventory accounting, and unidentified material losses

Mine sites are one of the most expensive operations to finance, and maximising return on that investment requires focused performance management of assets, processes, people, and resources. 

Optimising an entire value-chain across the enterprise requires far more. 

In today’s world of tumultuous commodity prices and declining ore grades, mining operators are turning to ever-more-sophisticated software to solve these problems, and purpose-built mining platforms are emerging to deal with the myriad of data integration challenges which face the sector, from non-chronological data receipt, to continuous data changes at the source, to proprietary fleet and lab systems, these platforms enable intelligent data integration in ways that were unattainable only a few years ago. 

Join Rockwell Automation, Start Services and Mining Review Africa as we explore this topic – and share how new technologies are revolutionising asset, production, and inventory management by automatically aligning data from disparate sources, disparate time-references, and disparate systems.

They inherently handle data corrections at the source and resampling of grades to accurately and reliably calculate metal tonnes, yields, and recoveries at each stage of the value-chain. 

Where many mining operations are waiting days before gaining visibility into the produced grades and tailings losses, these new technologies are calculating results in near real-time, and are key enablers to improving feed-stock management, asset utilisation, and recoveries. 

They help miners to understand the dynamics of their process, the grades of raw and processed stocks, to reduce grade variation, and to improve yields while ensuring compliance and creating a more agile operation.


Richard Bailey, owner, Start Services (consultant)


Laura Cornish, editor-in-chief, Mining Review Africa