Webinar 25 August: Metal management and reporting optimisation technologies drive greater operational efficiency

Join Rockwell Automation, Start Services and Mining Review Africa as we explore this topic - and share how new technologies are revolutionising asset, production, and inventory management by automatically aligning data from disparate sources, disparate time-references, and disparate systems.


Enlit Africa speaker PR

Hydrogen, financing the energy transition and climate change @Enlit Africa

“Hydrogen, specifically green and blue, has the potential to considerably accelerate sub-Saharan Africa’s electrification rate."

Webinar RECORDING: Digital integration in underground mining

Join Immersive Technologies and Mining Review Africa as we deliver a live webinar that addresses digital implementation in underground mines with ease.

Knight Piésold celebrates 100 years of excellence in Africa

From its humble beginnings 100 years ago, Knight Piésold has established and grown its local operations throughout Africa

Webinar TODAY: Modernise your mineral processing power and analytics

Rockwell Automation's Pavilion8® Model Predictive Control increases throughput, lowers reagents consumption, improves recovery, optimises water and energy usage and improves process stability.

Video: Knight Piésold celebrates 100 years of engineering excellence

Andrew Copeland, Technical Director at Knight Piésold reflects on the company's past and how it is preparing for its next milestone.

Op-ed: Suez blockage highlighted vulnerability to global trade disruptions

The timely flow of goods remains dependent on a small number of narrow, highly congested and strategically vulnerable pinch points.