North Africa

Altus Strategies appoints new Chairman and director for Akh Gold

Mark is based in Cairo and has unparalleled expertise, spanning three decades of operating in the natural resource sector in Egypt.


Here’s to the everyday mining heroes

The 2022 Mining Elites in Africa yearbook will pay tribute to those who are making a tangible difference in mining on the continent.

Issue 5 and Issue 6 of Mining Review Africa will be distributed digitally at our Africa Mining Forum digital event from 2 – 4...

Issue 5 of Mining Review Africa puts the focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), one of the BIGGEST on-trend topics in mining...

Webinar RECORDING: 3 key considerations for sustainable power generation for African mines

The pressure and desire for the mining industry to reduce green-house gas emissions is mounting, and with that the trend for renewable energy is gaining momentum.

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