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2020 – Issue 9

Mining Review Africa Issue 9 2020

Having spent much time with a variety of key players and strategic role players in the Nigerian mining sector, I’ve learnt a few things and I’d like to share these with you.

Mining in Nigeria during COVID-19 – slow but steady

“With a well outlined growth strategy in place and in play, we are still poised for good short to mid-term growth."
volvo babcock

Atlantis Mining chooses new Volvo R60D rigid haulers

The rigid haulers have been specifically designed to reduce operating costs through lower fuel consumption and optimised machine availability.
BBF Safety

Safety: Specialised focus reaps global success

Miners have worn the company’s iconic Egoli gumboot for almost 40 years, fondly referring to them as ‘mdala-scathu’ (mdala iscathulo)
Nigerian Mining Industry v

An in-depth analysis on mining in Nigeria

The economy has been growing slowly since the oil price slump of 2014. The volatility of oil prices has negatively impacted growth.
Altus Strategies gold

Altus Strategies: Uncovering Africa’s resource potential

Altus has diversified its risk profile quite substantially by making mineral discoveries across multiple licences simultaneously.

Adapting to change: MCSA members lead the way

In its fight against COVID-19, mining companies in South Africa have contributed significantly towards bolstering medical infrastructure.
Grinding Solutions

Grinding Solutions: Maximising mineral value

GSL offers a range of consultancy and laboratory services including metallurgical and mineral processing testing
endeavour mining

Endeavour Mining: Solidifying its position in West Africa

Following the acquisition of SEMAFO in July this year Endeavour Mining has successfully integrated the assets into its operating model.
bell equipment

Bell Equipment: Always staying close to customer needs

Bell offers a range of aftermarket services such as operator training programmes, maintenance contracts and its fleet management system.

A dilemma facing mining consultants in West Africa

To be successful, local consultants usually collaborate with the big brands dominating the region; alternatively, they lobby law makers.