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LOESCHE South Africa Pty (Ltd) is based in Johannesburg in South Africa. We have been in operation since 1975 and service all industries in the southern African region. Services Provided New project feasibility studies and investigationNew...

Power play: Energy savings in the mining industry

Looking at a mine’s operating costs, power consumption within the comminution circuit can contribute up to 50% of a mine’s electricity usage.

Dry grinding an underestimated solution

“Our main focus is to prove to mining houses that in order to be sustainable in the future, a new approach needs to be adopted."

Grinding meets a digital relevant era

In a modern digital world, customers are continuously looking at ways to improve productivity through digital platforms.

Loesche South Africa: Transforming the milling industry

“Our strict procurement policies have proved to be very effective in achieving our BEE procurement targets."- Jonathan Smith, sales manager at Loesche SA.

Compact and mobile plants from Loesche

The Loesche Compact Plants provide the answer for both start-up and existing operations, where there is a demand for operations to become bigger.
Loesche technology

Get fit for the future – dry ore communition technology

Modern mining is continuously looking to improve capital expenditure, operating costs, flexible process systems through the use of available technology.

Loesche: Hitting the junior market with force

Loesche offers various investment options that make the purchase of its mills a viable option for miners who have yet to start generating cash.
Loesche technology

Milling masters: Loesche delivers industry-changing technology

Quality and reliability in heavy machinery, this is German engineering at its best and Loesche has excelled in all spheres of the milling industry.

Loesche: Changing the milling game across the globe

Loesche has incorporated digital technology into its service offering – introduced to market through an internally designed operating software.