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SRK is an independent, global network of consulting practices in over 45 countries on six continents. Its experienced engineers and scientists work with clients in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver integrated, sustainable solutions across a...

Early warning now more vital as flood risk grows

“The importance of early warning has been well demonstrated in terms of saving lives in the face of flood disasters.” - Natasha Ramdass

Water stewardship gives mines the broader view

With South Africa’s growing demand for water the need for a systematic approach to water stewardship in mining has never been greater.

Easier road ahead for junior miners?

Junior miners are hoping that the brighter mood in South Africa’s sector will translate practically into more exploration and development.

Developing countries need home-grown solutions to deal with the pandemic

“The use of digital technologies in IA has worked well in the developed world, but in Africa we still have issues that hinder progress."

SRK Consulting appoints general manager for its South African practice

Van Huyssteen has 17 years of experience in ESG and has been a principal environment scientist at the firm since 2014.

90-Day turnaround on water use licences implemented in South Africa

Submissions after 1 April 2021 will follow the 90-day process while those initiated before 1 April 2021 will follow the 300-day process.

SRK: taking Africa’s voice to EU responsible sourcing process

“There is a depth of knowledge in Africa about responsible sourcing, and how these initiatives by the EU can be guided and supported."

Managing water risks – on site and in catchment

Drought and other water-related risks have in recent years threatened the sustainability of South African businesses.

More upfront work now needed on water use licence applications

“The DWS is following the global trend towards the sound engineering of all existing and proposed structures." - Jacky Burke

SRK Consulting announces new CEO

Given his three decades of resource industry experience McGurk is positioned to guide in client service in a competitive market.