About TLT-Turbo Africa

TLT-Turbo Africa are ventilation specialists, offering systems suited to applications in mine ventilation, thermal power plants, steelmaking and processing, chemical and petrochemical industrial processes, cement production, waste incineration, tunnel ventilation, wind tunnels, test stands and cooling tower blades. The firm provides a ventilation fan and systems offering that extends across Africa. TLT-Turbo Africa also develops high efficiency fans, fan blades and components made using composites materials. Their designs deliver superior fan performance that reduce operating costs while incurring less wear and tear as they are more suited to their harsh and abrasive operating environments. TLT-Turbo Africa mine ventilation systems are designed to achieve the best possible efficiency levels and energy savings. TLT-Turbo Africa is focused on developing mine ventilation fans according to the market driven requirements of energy efficiency, noise reduction, cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance

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